Providing expert service in design, engineering, and custom sheet metal fabrication for over 20 years.

2-D & 3-D Laser MachinesNumerical Control (NC) Machines
2-D & 3-D Laser Machines
800t Hydraulic Press
1500t Hydraulic Press
Mechanical Press Stations
Stationary Spot Welders
Robotic Welder
Numerical Control (NC) Machines
Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM)
FARO Laser Scan-Arm
Optical Comparator
Ultrasonic and Tensile Testers

HIDAKA USA, Inc. is a premier custom sheet metal fabricator. We specialize in a wide array of products for prototype builds and mass production use, including automotive, rail car, and motorcycle components.


  • 2-D & 3-D Laser Machines
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Mechanical Presses
  • Manual Welders (TIG, MIG, & Stick)
  • Hanging & Stationary Spot Welders
  • Robotic Welders
  • Shearing Machines
  • Numerical Control (NC) Machines
  • Kirksite Foundry


  • CATIA v5 Analysis & Designing
  • WorkNC CAD CAM
  • SigmaNEST Laser Programming
  • AutoForm Simulation


  • CMM Analysis
  • FARO Laser Scan-Arm Inspection
  • Optical Comparator Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Tensile Testing


  • 53,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility
  • 9,000 sq-ft corporate & engineering office
  • 20,000 sq-ft on-site warehouse