HIDAKA USA, Inc. is continuously searching for skilled and qualified individuals with sheet metal fabrication experiences in the automotive industry. We also seek individuals with quality assurance and quality control experiences in the automotive industry. If you are interested in joining the HIDAKA USA, Inc. team, please complete the official application form, and either fax or email the completed form to us along with your resume. We will contact you if your background meets the needs of our current openings.


If submitting by email, please send to

If submitting by fax, please fax to (614) 889-6551 attention HR.

2-D & 3-D Laser Machines
2-D & 3-D Laser Machines
800t Hydraulic Press
Mechanical Press Stations
Stationary Spot Welders
Robotic Welder
Numerical Control (NC) Machines
FARO Laser Scan-Arm
Optical Comparator
Ultrasonic and Tensile Testers