Manufacturing Prototype & Mass Production Case Studies

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Mass Production

Sheet Metal Stamped Automotive Interior Dashboard Assemblies
Automotive Dashboard Stampings & Assembly

Aluminum Automotive Dashboard Production and Robotic Assembly

Stainless Steel Stamped Railcar Side Posts
Railcar Side Post Stampings

Stainless Steel Mass Transit Railcar Side Post Stampings

Sheet Metal Stamped Railcar Housing and Cover Assemblies
Railcar Housing and Cover Assemblies

Mass Transit Railcar Conduit Box Assembly

Sheet Metal Stamped Automotive Radiator Component Assemblies
Automotive Radiator Component Stampings

High Volume Automotive Radiator Core Support Stamping

Sheet Metal Stamped Automotive Interior Bracket Assemblies
Automotive Interior Bracket Stampings and Assembly

High Volume Automotive Interior Bracket Stamping and Assembly


Compter Rendering of Automotive Body Panels
Automotive Body Panel Stampings & Assembly

Automotive Prototype of Production & Assembly of Mild Steel SUV Bod Panels

Computer Rendering of All-Terrain Vehicle Frame Assembly
All-Terrain Vehicle Frame Assembly

Motorsports Prototype of Mild Steel Pipe Stock All-Terrain Vehicle Frame