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Sheet Metal Stamped Automotive Interior Dashboard Assemblies
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Project Details

Client: Automotive OEM


Objective: Produce prototypes and mass production units of an aluminum sports coupe dashboard assembly. Tooling investment minimization for mass production required due to low volume requirement.

Meeting the Customers Needs

During prototyping, the customer was consulted through CAD simulations and stamping trials to optimize part designs for mass production manufacturability. For mass production, tooling investment was minimized by performing trim and pierce operations, normally performed with stamping dies, with 3D laser processing. All weld operations were performed with MIG, SPOT and STUD welding robotic cells. Weld quality was reinforced utilizing our macro-etch weld inspection lab.

Showcase Summary

Hidaka USA, Inc. believes that creating a prototype as a custom original part means providing custom service. Our ability to consult the customer during the product development stage, through CAD simulations and fabrication process expertise, is essential to the project outcome. Combining consultation with our capabilities afforded the solution to this project.